FAQ's regarding your event & planning

As of today, AEREA has entered into an agreement to have outdoor wooded space available for ceremonies and pictures during the summer of 2024 adjacent to The Shoe Factory parking lot. 

Because AEREA is located inside a former industrial building, the venues had to have engineers review the sprinkler system for assembly use. Most barn venues and even some others locally have no fire sprinkler protection and could pose a risk to those couples booking weddings there. Automatic warning/dispatch systems are also in place. We take protecting the venue seriously. Be sure to ask other venues if they are sprinklered before booking elsewhere. 

Yes. However, you must have RAMP certified servers serve it who will check IDs to be sure minors do not get alcohol from the bar area. Or we can put you in contact with a third party to provide a cash bar. 

That really depends on which wedding/event options you select. Anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours on the day of the event with optional additional hours at an additional rate.

Yes. The south entrance is the entrance for handicapped accessibility. Established arrival times need to be put in place so we can assist with navigating the building and use of the elevator. 

AEREA has a preferred vendor list but you are free to use any caterer you like. We like to think with such a huge range of tastes and budgets that we are helping our couples by affording them this option rather than requiring the use of specific caterers. Please have them reach out so we can discuss the best access points to our venues.

See our vendor list here

Take advantage of significant savings by choosing a different day of the week to hold your wedding or event. This is an excellent alternative for those who want an exquisite venue but might have more of a limited venue budget. We do schedule full package events on Monday through Thursday.

Yes. You are required to show proof of coverage for all of your guests or potential claims for all of the agreed upon times you have signed up for. Most homeowner policies will add this for little to nothing but an online insurance company can typically provide coverage for $100-$200. 

There are a dozen locally within 10 miles but rooms need booked considerably in advance mostly because of the local universities and their activities. 

  • AEREA reserves the right to not serve or do business with any person, entity, group or organization. Having said that, we welcome all ethnicities, religious affiliations and sexual orientations as hosts or guests for any event and have zero tolerance for any form of intimidation whatsoever. 
  • Smoking and vaping is permitted outside and more than 50 feet from any entrance to the building. 
  • Children must be with an adult at all times. While kids can be awesome, curiosity and high energy can cause undesired situations for us and your guests. Please understand they need to remain within the confines of AEREA boundaries within The Shoe Factory and understand they are not permitted to roam the building, run around under any circumstance as this is our agreement of doing business with The Shoe Factory.
  • Damages – You the host are responsible for any damages to AEREA or The Shoe Factory property as the result of you or your guests attending your event.       
  • Cleaning of the venue will occur on the day of your event.

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