FAQ's regarding your event & planning

You can have alcohol and beverage service at your event where you provide the alcohol and have RAMP certified servers or caterer serve it for free. We can also provide a cash bar with specific selections through a third party where they can either purchase each drink themselves or the bar can tally up the overall purchases of the event and present the bill to you. 

We welcome you to choose from our preferred vendors list for all of your event needs. The list will be a work in progress. If the vendor you choose is not on our preferred vendors list, please note they will need to be in contact with us 60 or more days in advance of your event and will need to provide insurance information. 

See our vendor list here

AEREA doesn’t cater food so we invite you to choose from our preferred vendors list or a caterer of your choice (with our approval) or to bring in the food yourself for your guests. With literally hundreds of linen options, linens are considered a part of your caterer’s offerings. 

See our vendor list here

AEREA welcomes music of all kinds from your own private rock concert for 550 (which we can arrange if it is in your budget) to using our Bluetooth speakers for your cocktail party for 20. 8am to Midnight is the window for music during private events and to have vacated the building. Sound levels are at the discretion of AEREA staff to comply with local codes. Check our preferred vendors list for a DJ or choose one of your liking. 

See our vendor list here

All events with us require event insurance by you the host. Most homeowner insurance policies can add one day event insurance for a nominal fee or up to around $100. Other options include purchasing one day event insurance online at a similar rate. $1,000,000 is typical and required to have your event with AEREA at The Shoe Factory. The certificate of insurance will need to list us as the certificate holder in the following manner:

AEREA Premium Event Spaces

700 Hepburn Street 

Milton, PA 17847

The certificate is to be emailed to us in PDF form to Greg Carl a minimum of 48 hours prior to your event. Non submission of insurance documents at least 48 hours prior to the event constitutes cancellation of the event. 


You can secure your date(s) with a deposit of just 25%. That’s all it takes. Since the majority of events are planned 1 year or more in advance, 50% of the total fee is to be paid 9 months from the event and paid in full 60 or more days before the event. All fees paid in are non-refundable once 3 business days transpire from the signing of the contract less a $200 booking fee. A payment schedule can/will be created on a monthly basis for events for 50 guests or more. Events scheduled last minute as in 60 or less days into the future are to be paid in full at the time of the contract signing. Contracts will be filled out in person. 

If you, as our client, decide you want to cancel your event, you can do so within the 3 business days following the signing of the contract and be refunded all deposits except a $200 booking fee. If you decide to cancel your event in full or in part(in the case of multiple dates being reserved for wedding/reception/rehearsal or other multi-day events)after the 3 business days have transpired, for any reason whatsoever, all payments made up to the point of cancellation are non-refundable. You are still liable for the balance of your contracted fees unless someone comes forward requesting the same date of your event for themselves and we can successfully book that date with them. If no one requests your date and we are unable to rebook on that date, you are still responsible for the full balance of the contracted amount because we reserved that date for you and only you making it unavailable to anyone else. Cancellations cannot be made via phone, text or any form of messaging and can only be requested via email by the person(s) who signed the contract. AEREA will under no circumstances cancel an event short of the venue being physically destroyed rendering the space unusable. 

There may be the occasions where your date may change. We will try to accommodate you as long as the change of date is requested at least 6 months in advance of the contracted event date and the new date is available. To change the date we will require an additional $200 fee. 

In situations where the government declares mandatory shutdowns of events that you decide to follow, we will offer rescheduling of your event to another available date without incurring additional rescheduling fees. 

Any additions to the contract are to be made via email. Emails will be used as verification of new charges to the event that are to be paid in full prior to the event. Non payment of additional charges at least 48 hours prior to the event constitutes cancellation of the event. 

Modifications can be made if they are upgrades/additions. We can downgrade/delete certain aspects of your event. However, those downgrades/deletions of certain package or line item options that were chosen at the contract signing won’t come with refunds or decreases in package totals. There are no refunds of any kind once the 3 day contract rescind period has expired. 

The entrance of choice for all AEREA events at The Shoe Factory is the EAST entrance. The building is handicapped accessible to all three floors. The entrance of accessibility is the SOUTH entrance and would need to be arranged in advance so an escort can accompany the guest through the first floor to the elevator since the building is massive and there are other leased areas of the building the guest would travel through. The elevator in The Shoe Factory is to be used for the disabled and for freight and will be staffed as such. For those events where you want all guests to have the option to use the elevator, we can add a staff member for the duration of your event for an additional fee. Please note only 3 guests can ride in the elevator at any one time. All others need to use the steps to travel from floor to floor.

Restrooms are located on all three floors. As a former manufacturing facility, the restrooms are of that nature and are common to guests of the entire building. It is our plan to  install new restrooms on the second floor adjacent to our Rustic-Elegance venue hopefully within the next two years but the ones currently available are spacious and handicapped accessible. Please follow the signs from the event spaces to the restrooms through AEREA designated corridors. 

We currently don’t have this equipment but when the request is made we will make every effort to accommodate you with your AV needs.

AEREA welcomes uniqueness and has a vision for over the top events and as such we are willing to consider most ideas for decorating as long as it doesn’t damage our facility such as certain tapes, tacks, nails, water or fire. Fog or haze machines can be options for your event as well as spark machines. We also welcome ice sculptures. Zip ties are the preferred method of attaching items along with string but all attachments must be removed as part of your cleanup. Confetti and rice aren’t allowed at AEREA events. Glitter and mylar shapes are extremely difficult to clean up and can be and have been tracked anywhere and everywhere throughout the venue and throughout The Shoe Factory. As such, any event that uses such fine and difficult to clean decorating items will automatically be charged a $500 cleanup fee to account for the time and effort needed to remove such items from floor surfaces etc. Any other decorating items that we need to remove after the event will also be charged at $150 per hour.  Candles are allowed but only if contained within glass and floating on water. There are many LED candle options available to purchase online or we have candles that can be added to your event for an additional rate. 

AEREA retains the right to have our own imagery professionals on location during any event recording imagery for the use on our website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or any other type of media whether digital, or in print for our own advertising purposes including live streaming. This is our standard practice and our option to do so at all events held with AEREA.

  • AEREA reserves the right to not serve or do business with any person, entity, group or organization. Having said that, we welcome all ethnicities, religious affiliations and sexual orientations as hosts or guests for any event and have zero tolerance for any form of intimidation whatsoever. 
  • Smoking and vaping is permitted outside and more than 50 feet from any entrance to the building. 
  • Children must be with an adult at all times. While kids can be awesome, curiosity and high energy can cause undesired situations for us and your guests. Please understand they need to remain within the confines of AEREA boundaries within The Shoe Factory and understand they are not permitted to roam the building, run around under any circumstance as this is our agreement of doing business with The Shoe Factory.
  • Damages – You the host are responsible for any damages to AEREA or The Shoe Factory property as the result of you or your guests attending your event.       
  • Cleaning of the venue will occur on the day of your event.

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